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St Pete’s Dancing Marlin makes a hell of a Tuna Salad

Sometimes I just have to have the Tuna Salad at St Pete’s Dancing Marlin. Usually it’s Monday or Tuesday when Pete is behind the bar. They celebrate 25 years in #DeepEllum this December. Go say hi.

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Rodeo Goat Dallas makes some of the meanest burgers around

Went to Rodeo Goat Dallas for my sister Raynor’s Birthday. Damn that place is great. It started in Fort Worth, but they quickly brought a Dallas location to Market Center and 35 north of the design district. Hey always have a burger battle of the week, and if I go alone I always pick something form that list. This one had cheesy tots, bacon, cheddar blended into the party, truffle mayo and a fried egg. Can’t go wrong there. Otherwise, I prefer to get 4 or 5 people and we get 6 hunters and slice them up and share them like pizza. That’s how I roll.

📍1926 Market Center Blvd

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Hide has a food menu that can keep up with the killer cocktails.

This burger at Hide down in Deep Ellum might be the cheesiest in the neighborhood. And if you go during their weekday happy hour, it’s only $6. I was a couple minutes late for the deal, oops! There’s a damn tasty menu at this dim and hip Elm Street spot. A strong cocktail list is what really drives this place. I had a mezcal Paloma that I really enjoyed. If you’re looking to mix it up down in Deep Ellum, check out Hide.

📍2816 Elm St

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Hudson House is a great spot

I had a great lunch today at the Hudson House over on Lovers Lane near the Tollroad. I tried to be healthy and just get a salad, but since I had heard such great things about the burger my friend and I split one of those too.

I got the Hudson Salad, fried chicken nuggets, avocados, tomatoes, a little bacon and a green goddess dressing. I love a good salad, and this will definitely be included in my favorites going forward.

The burger has two thin patties, stacked with cheese, pickles, and a special sauce. This burger must the grown up version of the old Balls Hamburgers “Little Leaguers”.

The Hudson House is from the same family that brought us East Hampton Sandwiches, and they bring their same quality approach to dining to this upscale table service joint, that is just casual enough to be approachable to all.

4448 Lovers Lane 75225

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The best salads served at places you can get a little drunk. 

Dallas definitely Kicks Ass at eating out at restaurants. Hell, half of us will probably try to insist that we have the most restaurants per capita. As far as I can tell that’s comparable to the claims of the average wind speeds in Chicago (That Windy City thing is about politicians) I’m not here to confirm or deny that restaurant claim. I’m here to talk about the important stuff. Sometimes I want to eat a kick ass salad, but still at least have the opportunity get kinda tipsy. I’m going to focus on places that: a) are full service restaurants b) has a beer/wine or liquor license c) don’t typically hang their hat on their salad making abilities amd most importantly d) these salads have to be filling and keep you full. Anyone can make a salad, but it takes a special salad to keep you pleasantly full until the next meal time. 

1: Chicken Cobb at The Common Table

Common Table Fried Chicken Cobb

The Common Table is a great spot on Fairmount St off Cedar Springs in Uptown. They boast a top tier craft beer selection, and a deep whiskey shelf to match. Their Fried Chicken Cobb is so good they look at me funny when I order anything else. And I’m a fat guy. It’s got a blue cheese dressing, with just enough funk and it never comes overdressed. It has a nice lettuce blend, sundried tomatoes, hard boiled egg, that Gorgonzola dressing and fried chicken. If you’re trying to go lean, you can switch to grilled chicken and it’s still Kick Ass. 

2: Market Fish Salad at BrainDead Brewing

BrainDead Brewing Market Fish Salad

Two things I want to get out of the way. Number one. Yes, it’s a shitty picture. I was so excited to eat this thing again I just dove right in. Two, I also own BrainDead Brewing, so maybe I’m a little biased. But I didn’t click on this link, you did, so let’s get to the goods. I call this OG Market Fish Salad because Chef David went and took it away from the world for a little while. But it’s back. Jicama, roasted corn, and crispy tortilla strips make this salad a texture party. Radicchio, cotija cheese, and a lime vinaigrette are in there too. BrainDead Market Fish selections rotate with the catches and the freshness, but it’s always something good like Red Snapper or Golden Tile. BrainDead has house brewed beer, as well as guest taps from the locals and beyond, as well as wine and cider. 
3: Summer Salad at Hopdoddy add Tuna Patty. 

Hopdoddy Summer Salad

The Hopdoddy I’m judging off is the Preston Center location. Also, I specify Summer because it’s all about the watermelon, and other times of the year they put squash and stuff in it. I add the seared tuna patty from the tuna burger they have and that’s what makes it astounding. Other times of the year, I’ll order it too and it’s always good, but the watermelon and the the tuna sing like The Beach Boys. It just feels so right. Maybe the squash goes well a turkey patty. I’ll try that next time they deny me watermelon. If you’re not into the spicier greens like arugula, this one might not be for you. But it’s delicious. There are some white cheese crumbles and sunflower seeds, and a light vinaigrette, and you can still hang out with your friends that want to have a burger. And maybe they’ll even share their queso. 
4: St Pete’s Dancing Marlin

St Pete’s Tuna Salad

St Pete’s has been holding down Commerce for as long as I can remember and Pete himself still holds down the bar service on Monday nights. Clearly a fisherman, this place is adorned with sailfish and cool old funk that can’t be faked. Ask around, and while most will point you towards the tuna sandwich, others swear by the lasagna, and others the cheesfries. But we’re talking salads, and this one is great. My lady goes Tuna Caesar, but both are great and on Monday it comes with an extra side of friendly conversation. 
I’ve got a few Honorable mentions that stand out. Number one goes to Dot’s Hophouse. That Kale Caesar is a pretty killer side Salad. I haven’t added protein and usually eat it alongside their excellent burger, so I can’t really vouch for it on its own. Soon though. I hear people say adding shrimp is the way to go. I’ll find out soon. 

Meddlesome Moth killed it recently with their summer pea and tuna salad. But I’ve only had it once, so I’ll leave it down here. 

Also, I gotta give the BrainDead Drunken Steak a shout out too. I love that thing, it’s just I didn’t feel right giving Chef David two salads on this short list and I’m trying to stay somewhat impartial, but I’ll put it down here with an asterisk. 

Articles that I looked at while forming my opinion on Dallas’s claim to having the most restaurants per capita.