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Streets Fine Chicken is more than just great fried chicken

I popped into Street’s Fine Chicken on Cedar Springs last night, and had a great dinner. Street’s is a family affair, and is a blending of the generations of one of the great Texas restaurant families. Gene is famous for a lot of great restaurants like Black Eyed Pea, Cantina Laredo, and many, many more. His kids Marco and Mariel have been doing the Liberty Burger thing, and now they have all joined forces. Apparently there is a second Street’s location up at Preston Forest, but I haven’t had a chance to make it by there yet.

I had the Sin Killer Piri Piri chicken, which was juice and flavorful, and my friends had a Hot Chicken sandwich, Chicken & Dumplings, and Chicken Pot Pie. Everything was delicious, including sides of Mac and Cheese, collard greens, fried pimiento cheese balls, and even chickarones (fried chicken skin). Good people making good food. Go check em out.

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Harlowe MXM has beautiful patios and a tasty brunch

Made a return visit to Harlowe MXM for brunch yesterday. It was a beautiful morning and we wanted a place to bring my pup with a patio. From the moment we walked in the host was super friendly and welcoming and at 11:30 we were able to take our pick of patio tables.

These cheese puffs featured in the first pic are available in sweet or savory, so obviously we went with one of each. The salmon toast was great flavor wise, but was the only thing I didn’t feel was worth the price point. Bacon and pear toast, definitely a winner.

At the table we also had a lobster waffle, a French toast toad in the hole, and a green Chile pork chimichanga. Everything I tried was great, but I heard some murmurs that a little hot sauce or extra syrup might have been the key to the other dishes.

They have a sparkle bar with bubbly and fruit and purées of all kinds. They have an expansive patio right on the corner of Malcolm X and Main that allows for some fun people watching on a Sunday morning at 11am in Deep Ellum. From the same folks that brought us Bread Winners Cafe & Bakery, this is a great spot to check out for brunch or dinner, especially when the weather is great. I haven’t even mentioned the rooftop patio yet.

📍2823 Main St

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Hide has a food menu that can keep up with the killer cocktails.

This burger at Hide down in Deep Ellum might be the cheesiest in the neighborhood. And if you go during their weekday happy hour, it’s only $6. I was a couple minutes late for the deal, oops! There’s a damn tasty menu at this dim and hip Elm Street spot. A strong cocktail list is what really drives this place. I had a mezcal Paloma that I really enjoyed. If you’re looking to mix it up down in Deep Ellum, check out Hide.

📍2816 Elm St

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Emilio’s Cafe is a south Dallas gem

Living down in the Cedars, I’ve got a little spot I love called Emilio’s. Killer breakfast tacos, and GREAT caldo de pollo (Chicken Soup). They open early for breakfast, and close for the day around 3pm, and are not open on Sundays. Make sure to check out their hours before heading over. But it’s cheap and cozy, and the staff are the nicest people ever. Especially Ms Nellie.

📍2006 S Ervay, Dallas TX

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Oishii sushi, still rolling up some tasty fish

We had a great dinner at Oishii Sushi over on Wycliff at the Tollroad last night. More than just sushi, this Pan Asian restaurant has it all. Pho, Honey Chicken, Spring Rolls, Fried Rice, and of course the delicious sushi I took pictures of. The word is out on the place, and it is always pretty full, but if you’re willing to sit at the sushi bar you can generally walk in and wait less than 30 minutes. They always have consistently strong service too, but the last visit was even a little above and beyond the usual. Check em out, they kick ass for sure.

📍2525 Wycliff Ave, Dallas TX

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Dairy-ette has been grilling burgers in East Dallas for over 60 years

I’m embarrassed to admit I had never been to Dairy-ette prior to yesterday, but I will most certainly return soon! This East Dallas gem is over sixty years old, having opened its doors in 1956. According to those in the know, it hasn’t changed a bit since then, and it shows. After ordering a double cheese burger (add mayo) and a grilled cheese, I had no idea my favorite part would be the root beer.

Don’t get me wrong, everything was fabulous, but that root beer was just something special. Thick, but still crisp. Served with no ice, but ice cold in a frosted mug with little frozen bits of deliciousness floating around. As Nick Rallo wrote for the Dallas Observer, it’s “the martini of root beer”.

The double cheese burger served simply with no frills, the old fashioned way. Unlike most restaurants, the magic isn’t in the ingredients. It’s gotta be the grill. The grilled cheese had a gooey center between two perfectly crisped pieces of white bread. Two unexciting ingredients coming together just right causing a single bite to take you back in time to your childhood, or beyond. If you don’t make it over to the east side very often, it’s worth a special trip. This place as been killing it for longer than most, and is definitely a big part of why #dallaskicksass

9785 Ferguson Road, Dallas TX


The Commissary is a great coffee shop in downtown Dallas

A couple days ago when it was frigid, I swung by The Commissary to warm up and grab an early lunch. I thought it was just a coffee shop, but their food is pretty damn tasty as well.

The French Dip was almost a banh mi, and was excellent. With a clean and tidy interior and friendly staff, this is a great place to check out when you’re downtown looking for a cup of coffee or a quick bite.

1217 Main St Dallas, TX