Jack’s Burger House packs the nostalgia in every bite

One of my favorite burgers in town is at Burger House, more commonly called “Jack’s”. It’s not the biggest burger on the block, but they’ll stack it 25×25 if you ask! Their special seasoning salt is what makes me dream about it. Located on Hillcrest, between Lovers and Mockingbird, this quick counter service spot is always half full of sweaty neighborhood kids and businessmen with their ties toffee over their shoulder. Come as you are, but leave happy.

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Lala’s brings a healthy twist to familiar Mexican flavors

I finally made it up to Lala’s Mexican Cafe for some healthy organic Mexican food. I went during lunch and enjoyed the quick and easy counter service. I got a bowl of posole and a shrimp “tostada” with slice of jicama instead of a fried tortilla. Good, healthy, food in Preston Center. Check em out if you’re in the neighborhood

📍6030 Luther Lane

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Rodeo Goat Dallas makes some of the meanest burgers around

Went to Rodeo Goat Dallas for my sister Raynor’s Birthday. Damn that place is great. It started in Fort Worth, but they quickly brought a Dallas location to Market Center and 35 north of the design district. Hey always have a burger battle of the week, and if I go alone I always pick something form that list. This one had cheesy tots, bacon, cheddar blended into the party, truffle mayo and a fried egg. Can’t go wrong there. Otherwise, I prefer to get 4 or 5 people and we get 6 hunters and slice them up and share them like pizza. That’s how I roll.

📍1926 Market Center Blvd

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Uchibā replaces Top Knot with a simpler approach to the Uchi experience

Went to Uchibā for the first time since they flipped it from Top Knot. There are still some remnants of the old on the menu, but it’s much more of a simpler Uchi than trying to be its own thing. Don’t take that the wrong way, it’s excellent. I’m very happy to have more of anything from one of Texas’s finest, Chef Tyson Cole.

📍2817 Maple Ave, Dallas TX