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Streets Fine Chicken is more than just great fried chicken

I popped into Street’s Fine Chicken on Cedar Springs last night, and had a great dinner. Street’s is a family affair, and is a blending of the generations of one of the great Texas restaurant families. Gene is famous for a lot of great restaurants like Black Eyed Pea, Cantina Laredo, and many, many more. His kids Marco and Mariel have been doing the Liberty Burger thing, and now they have all joined forces. Apparently there is a second Street’s location up at Preston Forest, but I haven’t had a chance to make it by there yet.

I had the Sin Killer Piri Piri chicken, which was juice and flavorful, and my friends had a Hot Chicken sandwich, Chicken & Dumplings, and Chicken Pot Pie. Everything was delicious, including sides of Mac and Cheese, collard greens, fried pimiento cheese balls, and even chickarones (fried chicken skin). Good people making good food. Go check em out.


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