The Dallas Zoo is magnificent on a beautiful day

I had a blast at The Dallas Zoo today! The weather was perfect and it wasn’t packed. All the animals were out and about being interactive and showing off. If you haven’t been to the Zoo in a while, it’s changed a LOT since the last time I was there ages ago. They have scheduled zookeeper times where they’ll answer questions and feed the animals. At the elephant showing they even had the elephants do tricks on command! It’s $10 to park, and $17 per adult, and there is a Dart Rail station right there.

📍650 S R L Thornton Fwy, Dallas, TX 75203


Malibu Poke crafts the best bowls in Dallas

If you like poke and haven’t been to Malibu Poke, you’re messing up. This is the best poke I’ve found in Texas, not just Dallas. They have a ton of great people working together on this, but with the fish expertise of Jon Alexis, the brains behind TJ’s Seafood, combined the delicate plating and attention to detail of Chef Matt McCallister, this place can’t be beat.

The first visit can be a tiny learning experience as they have kiosks that allow you to place your own order and make your own modifications, but after that it’s a zip. They even let you use facial recognition to create a profile if you’re into those things. You certainly don’t have to. This is the coconut curry hamachi bowl, but they’re all amazing. They’re original location is on Oak Lawn where Good Eats used to be, but they’re staring to pop up in new places. Keep an eye out.

📍3888 Oak Lawn Ave


During a quest for Dallas area Dim Sum, Garden Restaurant in Garland kills it

My sister in law Jessica came in town and wanted Dim Sum. I had never stumbled across any in town so we went on an adventure. We picked Garden Restaurant out in Garland and had a great meal. Little carts whizzing around, presenting all the options. I try to be adventurous, but I’ll admit I passed on a few things including a durian fruit fried roll. I had durian “fresh” before and it was too much. Even if you wanted to try it all, there are too many options for it to be possible in a single visit. Where do you Dim Sum? I would certainly recommend this place, but be prepared for a wait before 1 or 2pm on a Sunday.

3565 W Walnut St

Garland, TX 75042


Jack’s Burger House packs the nostalgia in every bite

One of my favorite burgers in town is at Burger House, more commonly called “Jack’s”. It’s not the biggest burger on the block, but they’ll stack it 25×25 if you ask! Their special seasoning salt is what makes me dream about it. Located on Hillcrest, between Lovers and Mockingbird, this quick counter service spot is always half full of sweaty neighborhood kids and businessmen with their ties toffee over their shoulder. Come as you are, but leave happy.

Dallas Kicks Ass